Ethiopia Hambela


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Ethiopia can get complicated when it comes to provenance, or tracking the coffee and from where it came from. With coffee growing wild in forests and gardens, most of the coffees we see from the country are almost like blends from different plots of land in the area. In spite of this, Ethiopian coffees are so delicious and immediately recognizable as Ethiopian coffees in the cup.

To break the origins of this coffee down, Qirtira Goyo is located in the village of Hambela Wamena, which is in the Guji zone, which falls in the Oromia region. The farmers in Guji take their cherries to the Gemede Dekama washing station, which is located centrally to many of the farms in the area. This proximity means that ripe cherries are immediately processed, rather than spending more time than necessary in transit.

As an espresso, this coffee is incredibly sweet, like a mixed fruit juice you’d see at the store (cran-apple). There are loads of red berry flavors, which are backed by a complex acidity that makes this coffee one to look forward to having in your hopper. Brewed as a filter coffee, the flavor profile becomes more like that of watermelon (think Jolly Rancher), with clean sweetness and a delicate green tea-like body.

Country / Ethiopia

Producer / Various smallholder farmers

Location / Hambela Wamena, Guji

Process / Washed

Variety / Heirloom

Altitude / 1950-2200 masl

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