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Gigesa is the name of the washing station, founded by Faysel Abdosh Yonis in 2014. Gigesa Washing Station is located in Danbi Uddo, in the Shakiso district, within the renown Guji Zone of Ethiopia.

Around 850 smallholder farmers bring their coffee to Gigesa, with a mix of Ethiopian landrace varieties as is often the case in coffees from Ethiopia. These coffees are grown under a variety of shade trees, and the farms themselves are quite small, averaging 2.5 hectares in size. After the coffee has been sorted, it is fermented for 48 hours in water tanks, fed by the local river. The coffee is then dried on raised beds in select areas of the station where windflow aids in even drying of the coffee, which is crucial to flavor and the longevity of the coffee once it is shipped.

It is fitting that we generally begin to see coffees from Ethiopia arriving around the time of year that it begins to feel like summer in Santa Barbara, and somehow the flavors them- selves tend to signify the season as well. Gigesa is full of ripe peach notes and a sweet, strawberry lemonade acidity. There are also subtle floral notes in cup that range from the honeysuckle and pink jasmine that blooms just down the block from our roastery, to dried rosehip and hibiscus on the finish.

Country / Ethiopia

ProducerGigesa Washing Station

LocationDanbi Uddo, Shakiso, Guji Zone

Process / Washed

VarietyEthiopian landraces

Altitude / 1800-1950 masl

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