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Gigesa is the name of the washing station, founded by Faysel Abdosh Yonis in 2014. Gigesa Washing Station is located in Danbi Uddo, in the Shakiso district, within the renown Guji Zone of Ethiopia.

Around 850 smallholder farmers bring their coffee to Gigesa, with a mix of Ethiopian landrace varieties as is often the case in coffees from Ethiopia. These coffees are grown under a variety of shade trees, and the farms themselves are quite small, averaging 2.5 hectares in size. For Gigesa’s natural processed coffees, the cherries are hand sorted and floated for even ripeness, then dried for between 15 to 18 days on raised beds, with the cherries turned regularly for even drying.

Many associate naturally processed coffees with big fruit flavors - for some of us, naturally processed coffees from Ethiopia were our gateways into the possibilities of coffee flavor early on. Gigesa Natural has sweet, dark fruit flavors like cherry and ripe strawberry, as well as a high quality dark chocolate characteristic that transitions wonderfully into this coffee’s silky texture.

Country / Ethiopia

ProducerGigesa Washing Station

LocationDanbi Uddo, Shakiso, Guji Zone


VarietyEthiopian landraces

Altitude / 1800-1950 masl

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