El Salvador Nueva Esperanza Honey


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We purchased this microlot of coffee at auction in the Chalatenango Best Cup event in El Salvador, hosted by Cafe Imports. The Best Cup event is a program that aims to showcase coffees from producers in the area, offering these coffees at auction to highlight and pay premiums for cup quality.

Nueva Esperanza, like many other farms in El Salvador, is a small land holding - two manzanas, or just about three acres. Even so, the quality of the coffees was high enough to place this lot of coffee at seventh place in the auction.

While Nueva Esperanza is planted with Pacas and Pacamara varieties, this auction lot is a honey processed Pacamara, where the cherries are partially depulped and dried with a certain amount of mucilage still on the seed. The coffee is left to ferment in sacks for 14 to 18 hours, and dried on raised beds to promote even drying.

This coffee is fruit-forward and sweet, with a rich drinking chocolate-like flavor and texture in the cup. Floral and crisp apple acidity follows, balanced by a smooth texture and long-lasting finish.

CountryEl Salvador

ProducerJose Francisco Flores

Location / La Hondurita, El Túnel, La Palma, Chalatenango



Altitude / 1550-1650 masl

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