El Salvador Eric Landaverde Hernandez


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Eric Landaverde Hernandez has grown up producing coffee on their farm Finca El Durazno, like many of the farmers in the Chalatenango region. This is the first year they’ve worked with Cafe Imports, through the work that Cafe Imports has done hosting events like the Chalatenango Best Cup. Eric produces mostly Pacas, along with some Pacamara and Gesha, and experiments with honey and washed processes for their coffees.

The farms in El Salvador are tiny by the standards of other coffee producing regions. Spanning just 5 manzanas, or barely half a hectare, Eric is able to manage different processes for different lots of coffee that they produce. The Pacas lot that we’ve received from Eric is also dried on raised beds, rather than on patios like some of their other lots.

This Pacas lot delivers on sweetness and dark fruit, ranging from caramel to black grape. There are some flavors of nectarine and dark chocolate, keeping the acidity in check along with graham cracker and red fruit.

CountryEl Salvador

ProducerEric Landaverde Hernandez

Location / El Túnel, La Palma, Chalatenango



Altitude / 2200 masl

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