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Segundo Cartuche is the team leader at Hacienda La Papaya, who is responsible for coffee processing on the farm. Segundo, along with his wife Hilda and their son Darwin, also execute on implementing the research that Juan Peña and the La Papaya team do each year to improve their practices and consistency.

We first purchased Segundo’s coffee from the 2019 harvest, and used that year’s harvest of this coffee (a naturally processed Typica variety) in the United States Barista Championship for Kay’s signature beverage course. In this course, Kay described Segundo’s coffee as emblematic of the future: a harbinger of all of the innovations and recipes for farming and processing that La Papaya has developed, and the impact they would have on the coffees that smaller, newer producers like Segundo would produce.

Since Segundo’s first harvest in 2019, they now currently grow coffee on four hectares, up from a single hectare. The Typica variety he produces undergoes meticulous sorting and a prolonged drying period of approximately 20 days on raised beds to further develop flavors in the cup.

We were able to offer a small amount of this coffee last year from our competition lot, and this year we’re incredibly excited to share this coffee as a full offering. As in years past, Segundo’s coffee has a complex fruity acidity, with flavors of red grape, strawberry, and blackberry. There is an underlying flavor of rich cocoa, soft flavors of peach as the coffee cools, and a finish that reminds us of a sweet and lingering white tea.

Country / Ecuador

ProducerSegundo Cartuche

LocationSaraguro, Loja

Process / Natural


Altitude / 2000 masl

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