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Segundo Cartuche is the team leader at Hacienda La Papaya, who is responsible for coffee processing on the farm. Segundo, along with his wife Hilda and their son Darwin, also execute on implementing the research that Juan Peña and the La Papaya team do each year to improve their practices and consistency.

The Hacienda La Papaya team is one of the most meticulous operations we’ve ever witnessed in terms of coffee growing and processing and preparation. In 2019, we were present to see the team experimenting with new processing methods, such as carbonic maceration and anaerobic processing. Anaerobic processing involves limiting the amount of oxygen available to the coffee while it is in cherry, causing the coffee to develop new flavors which many believe is a result of the lactic acid bacteria present in the lower oxygen environment.

Since 2019, the La Papaya team has been fine-tuning this processing method, and for the first year, Segundo has processed his own coffee as an anaerobic natural. With Segundo’s coffee, his Typica variety cherries are held for 120 hours in a low-oxygen environment, with attention paid to temperature and activity levels in order to slowly develop the flavors that this processing method brings to the cup.

We’re thrilled to see newer producers like Segundo benefiting from the processing and knowledge that the La Papaya team has developed. This coffee is highly complex, with flavors that remind us of plum wine and blackberry, along with a rich sweetness and sparkling texture.

Country / Ecuador

ProducerSegundo Cartuche

LocationSaraguro, Loja

Process / Anaerobic natural


Altitude / 2000 masl

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