Ecuador Hacienda La Papaya Geisha


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On our first ever visit to Hacienda La Papaya, Juan Peña showed us the young Geisha plants that were growing at one of the most optimal plots on the farm. While the plants had not yet begun to produce fruit, we couldn’t wait to see what this coffee would taste like.

Fast forward to now: the first ever harvest of the Geisha variety from Hacienda La Papaya. The coffees we’ve experienced from Juan have always been dynamic and complex, ranging from juicy fruit to aromatic floral qualities to a characteristic sweetness. This coffee exemplifies all of the above that we’ve come to enjoy from La Papaya, while staying true to the cup profile we would expect from the Geisha variety: lingering, floral, and sweet.

While Juan and the Hacienda La Papaya team have developed new and intentional processing methods and systems for a variety of their coffees, Juan is always fine-tuning and improving existing processes, including their washed processing. This Geisha variety, like the other coffees being grown at the farm, is monitored in real-time with soil sensors and specific fertilization formulas until the fruit is ready to harvest. The coffee is then fermented for 15 hours with spring water, then moved to humidity and temperature controlled drying rooms for 11 days.

As far as Geishas go, we feel this expression of variety, origin, and producer is one not to miss. It’s a privilege for us to get to share this coffee in its first year of production, and to get to celebrate the continued progress and exploration of flavor happening at this farm.

Country / Ecuador

ProducerJuan Peña

LocationSaraguro, Loja



Altitude / 2000 masl

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