Ecuador Hacienda La Papaya


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This coffee surprised all of us the first time we tasted it on the cupping table, and perhaps even more so when we realized where this coffee was from. Exhibiting floral character, with delicate acidity and tropical fruit, we had this coffee pegged as something from Ethiopia, but this coffee from Juan Peña challenged what we knew of coffees from Ecuador.

Juan Peña is a dedicated agronomist, who converted his farm fully to coffee production after growing long stem roses for a number of years. Unafraid to experiment and push the boundaries of his coffees, he works with neighboring farmers, local universities, and roasters to improve the quality of his coffee. Most of his production is the Typica variety, although he is currently growing Sidra and Gesha varieties on his farm. Juan also tracks an immense amount of data for his coffees, from the humidity levels on harvest days, to drying times and processing methods. All of this is to say that the coffees from Juan are some of the most elegant and flavorful coffees we’ve ever tasted.

After tasting Juan’s coffees, we used his washed Typica for barista competition in 2018, where the first and third place competitors both used coffee from La Papaya. We’ve also been fortunate enough to visit the farm, and see firsthand how meticulous Juan is about the coffee he grows. We’re thrilled to see the coffees Juan continues to produce in the future.

Country Ecuador

Producer Juan Peña

Location / Saraguro, Loja

Process / Washed

Variety / Typica

Altitude / 2100 masl

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