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2021 marks the first year of serving Gonzalo Armijos’ coffee, through our producer partner Juan Peña and his exporting company Cafexporto.

We have been working with Juan and his farm Hacienda La Papaya for four years now, ever since we served his coffee to take third in the United States Barista Championship in 2018, then second place with his coffee in 2020. Juan, who has a background in agronomy, has been working with associate producers in the mountainous Loja region to improve their coffee quality through farm practices, variety selection, and processing techniques.

Gonzalo and Juan have been working together since 2019 to improve plant fertilization and developing processing methods for his coffees. In many ways, Gonzalo’s coffee, a washed Typica just like the coffee we first fell in love with from Juan, reminds us of that first experience that we had with coffees from this region of Ecuador.

While we try and eschew generalizations about what coffee is “supposed” to taste like, drinking Gonzalo’s coffee takes our minds to the washed heirloom coffees of Ethiopia, with high-toned fruit character and floral notes. This is a vibrant and elegant cup that, if you haven’t had many coffees from Ecuador in the past, gives you a new outlook on what these coffees can taste like.

Country / Ecuador

ProducerGonzalo Armijos

LocationSaraguro, Loja

Process / Washed


Altitude / 2000 masl

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