Costa Rica Perla Negra Natural


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Oscar and Francisca Chacon are some of the best known coffee producers from Costa Rica. Known for their continued experimentation with natural and honey process coffees, the Chacons and their mill Las Lajas have produced some of our favorite coffees year after year.

In 2008, an earthquake struck the region, and cut off the mill’s access to water. The scarcity of water, as well as seeing countries like Ethiopia and Brazil having success with natural processing methods, led Oscar to try honey and natural processing with his harvest that year.

Along with their work in experimental processing, the Chacons are meticulous in their farm maintenance and harvesting. Their farms utilize irrigation systems and trees for shade, and pick based on Brix sugar levels to determine ripeness of their cherries, rather than by color alone. For their natural process Perla Negra (“Black Pearl”), the coffee is dried and rotated in direct sunlight for ten days, then stored in bags for two to three days before finishing drying on raised beds.

This coffee is incredibly fragrant once ground, and fills the room with aromas of dark chocolate, fruit punch, and jam. In the cup, those heavier flavors are balanced with a distinct acidity, and a juicy and sweet finish resembling Concord grape juice.

Country / Costa Rica

Producer / Oscar and Francisca Chacon

LocationFinca Los Angeles, Sabanilla de Alajuela, Central Valley

Process / Natural

Variety / Caturra, Catuai, Villa Sarchi

Altitude / 1450 masl

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