Colombia Nohora Sepulveda Anaerobic


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Nohora Sepulveda’s coffee comes to us by way of Delagua, a producing organization in the La Sierra Nevada de Santa Maria microclimate of Colombia. As the name indicates, Delagua’s model aims to minimize the amount of water used in coffee processing, as well as striving for biodiversity and preserving the natural biomes that allow for these coffees to flourish.

This particular lot of coffee is a Castillo variety, which is from the farm La Floresta. The coffee undergoes anaerobic processing in tanks for 300 hours, after which the coffee goes through two separate phases of drying: the first, on drying beds under shade for four days, then a second phase on drying beds at a higher temperature for eight days.

Nohora’s coffee is incredibly expressive and representative of the flavor profile that is possible from natural anaerobic processing. In the cup, we find refreshing watermelon, sweet and tart plum, and a fragrant quality that reminds us of sangria or mulled wine.

Country / Colombia

Producer / Nohora Sepulveda

Location / Algeciras

Process / Anaerobic natural

Variety / Castillo

Altitude / 1750 masl

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