Burundi Ninga Hill Natural


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Long Miles Coffee Project, founded by Ben and Kristy Carlson, works in Burundi to produce and export coffee. In 2013, Long Miles built Bukeye, its first washing station, to receive coffee cherries in order to sort and process lots of coffee. Many coffee farmers in this area will travel by foot to deliver their coffee cherries to these washing stations.

Ninga is a new washing station built by Long Miles, serving coffee producers in the hilly surrounding region. With this year’s harvest, the Ninga station only processed naturally processed coffees, with cherries sorted and dried in fruit on raised beds between twenty-five to thirty days.

We find plenty of familiar and satisfying flavors in the cup with this coffee, ranging from sweet cherry and apple, to caramel and date. There is also a creamy texture to this coffee, which we feel complements the sweet flavors of this coffee.

Country / Burundi

ProducerNinga Washing Station

LocationMuramuya, Kayanza

Process / Natural


Altitude / 1800 masl

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