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We’re thrilled to bring coffee back from Robson Vilela, owner of Fazenda Alta Vista. Alta Vista is a 90 hectare farm in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil, which, relatively speaking, makes Robson’s farm smaller in size compared to many of the other neighboring properties. Cafe Imports reports that Robson has had zero staff turnover since 2007, partly due to his decision to pay his employees higher wages.

This year, we visited Brazil for the Carmo Best Cup, a format where top-scoring coffees in the region are submitted for auction purchasing. Robson’s coffees comprised three of the top ten coffees overall, and we managed to purchase this lot along with some of his other coffees that did not make it into auction. Although Robson is quiet and reserved, he was excited to see us return and purchase his coffee for the second year in a row, perhaps almost as much as we are to have these coffees to share.

While the flavor profile is slightly different from what we experienced last year, we find the same soft stonefruit qualities like nectarine and apricot, as well as a rich sweetness and an almost brandy-like texture. Robson’s coffees exemplify delicious flavor from a large-scale coffee producing system that for the second year in a row has made us sit up and notice these coffees from Brazil.

Country / Brazil

Producer / Robson Vilela

Location / Cristina, Mantiqueira, Minas Gerais

Process / Honey

Variety / Catuai Amarelo

Altitude / 1016-1290 masl

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