Panama Elida Estate Natural


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Elida Estate is a truly special coffee that we are proud to offer each year. We have visited the farm (our first origin trip as a company), competed in barista competition with their coffees, and have built a relationship with the Lamastus family.

Kentucky-born Robert Lamastus purchased a coffee farm while living in Panama working on the construction of the Panama Canal. He named this farm after his wife, whom he met while in Panama. The farm has been owned by the Lamastus family since 1918, and continues to win awards and set new records for green coffee price and cup quality. Just earlier this year, a natural Gesha lot from Elida Estate sold for $803 per pound green.

Wilford Jr., who now runs the estate with his father, is always excited to hear about us serving his coffees, and the hospitality and kindness he displays ever since that first origin trip to every encounter we’ve had with him since is a testament to this coffee’s quality. In the cup, this coffee delivers on aroma alone - you can always smell this coffee even if it’s ground all the way across the room. The fruit-forward quality of this cup that you would expect from a natural is (there’s no other word for it) elegant, with flavors of strawberry and red grape. This is one of those coffees that makes people perk up when they take their first sip, but also brings the flavor no matter how you brew it or how many grams of coffee you use. Simply put, this coffee is phenomenal.

Farm / Elida Estate

Producers / Wilford Lamastus

Location / Boquete, Panama

Process / Natural

Varietal / Catuai

Altitude / 1700 – 2000 masl

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