Guatemala Martin Lopez Alvarado


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About fifteen years ago, Martin Lopez Alvarado was forced to emigrate to the United States, due to difficult economic situations. After being able to earn some money, they were able to purchase a farm already planted with coffee. Five years after that, Martin was able to return to Guatemala and take over the management of the farm, along with their family.

Martin’s farm is named Buena Vista, which gets its name from the high altitudes on the local mountain. Many of the farms in the area are named Buena Vista for the same reason. The lots of coffee that Martin produces are from some of the highest parts of the town, meaning that it is time and labor-intensive to make the trek back and forth to produce coffee. However, Martin says that “the farm and the coffee are important to our family, and every day we feel motivated and excited to go to work with what we are so passionate about.”

Martin’s coffee has soft flavors of apricot and nectarine, cherry acidity, and a creamy texture. As a filter coffee, we find notes of sweet melon, while as an espresso, the coffee carries forward milk chocolate, citrus, and light florals.

Country / Guatemala

Producer / Martin Lopez Alvarado

LocationPetatán, Huehuetenango

Process / Washed

VarietyBourbon, Catuai, Caturra

Altitude / 1700-1750 masl

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